Exercise & Gaelic Football Skills


We are very grateful to Mr. Shevlin who has put together this very comprehensive exercise & Gaelic football skills plan for pupils to use at home. Some of the drills will be familiar to pupils as they work on them each week in coaching sessions at school. When you have completed a reasonable amount of work each day, don’t forget some daily exercise and hopefully the weather will continue to improve for outdoor activities.

These are the following areas included in the plan:

  • Warm-up
  • Picking the ball off the ground
  • Solo, run and bounce
  • Jumping off 2 feet
  • Jumping off 1 foot
  • Catching & Ball Handling
  • Hand Pass
  • Kicking & Target Practice
  • Running & Sprinting

Click on the link below

Exercise & Gaelic Football Skills



After all the exercise, you might need some time to relax and colour. Ladies Gaelic football have put together this nice colouring book. You’ll find some Galway stars on pages 3 & 16, but page 8 might be of particular interest to pupils in the junior room!

Ladies Gaelic Football – Colouring Book




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