Easons Spelling Bee

Yesterday was the 26/4/16. It was also the day of County Galway’s “Eason Spelling Bee.” I was nominated to represent my school at the spelling bee in Galway. It was going to be in The Salthill Hotel. Then the day finally came for the county Spelling Bee. When I woke up I had my breakfast, had a shower then I went to Galway with my parents. When we were nearly there, there was a massive hold up because, of course, there was roadworks!!:( I was starting to panic because I was supposed to be there at around 10:45 and I think it was something around 10:30. But anyway after a lot of stopping and asking for directions I finally got there. I ran in to the hotel with my Mom while my Dad parked the car. Then I walked in the door, there was a man at a small desk for registration. I gave him my name, he wished me luck and gave me my t-shirt. I was so happy that I was not late and that I could still enter the competition. Then a few minutes Ms. Roughneen, my teacher, came in. Then a woman stood up and asked all the spellers up to the front of the room where we would say our spellings. We had a practice round and when that was over we finally started the REAL Spelling Bee. The nerves started to kick in when I saw about 50 other people I was going up against!! Then when it came to my turn I stood ,said my word into the microphone,spelt it,said it again and the woman said I was CORRECT. Then the nerves went. I didn’t win but I did my school proud. After they announced the winner, they asked us all to come back up into our seats. They gave us all a goody bag. There was a lot of nice treats inside them. On the way home we went into Easons and I spent one of my vouchers that I got in the Goody-bag. It was a great experience and I had a great day.


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