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Counting Stick Maths

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Counting Stick Maths

By May 11, 2016No Comments

Today 4th Class used the Counting Stick to practise their mental maths skills. We focused on our time tables and fractions.

First, we named one end of the stick 1 and the other 10. We practised our 7 times tables. We took turns holding the counting stick, pointing to the different sections and asking each other the answers.

Pic 1
Next, we practised our fractions. We named one end of the stick 0 and the other 1. We identified each division as a tenth and counted in tenths from zero to one. We took turns asking each other questions, e.g. “Show me a half”, “Show me 1/5” etc.

Pic 2
The counting stick is a great visual aid for visual learners and all the children enjoyed these activities.