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Christmas Crafts

Pupils in all classroom were very busy making different Christmas crafts during the final week of the term. Infants and 1st classes enjoyed colouring and constructing Santa’s workshop and a Gingerbread house while pupils in 2nd & 3rd class worked on their Nativity house. Take a look at some photos below.

There was also time for some Christmas baking which included making rice-krispie buns and Christmas cookies which had a lovely smell wafting through the hall. We had to wait patiently for them to bake! All pupils in the school enjoyed eating all the yummy treats!

Pupils in the senior room made special tea-light holders using jam-jars which they creatively glued tissue paper to, creating a sunset and finished them with a pretty ribbon and bell. Sixth class also helped 1st class with paper weaving craft and they made some lovely Christmas baubles, snowmen, Christmas candles and penguins.