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Are you bored already! here are some interesting things to try from home while we are all physically distancing from each other.

Join our virtual St Patrick’s Day Parade over on Twitter. As all parades are canceled, lets try to connect in a safe way and have some fun online. Dress up, make St Patrick’s day arts and crafts, play a tune, sing a song, say a poem, dress your dog in a silly costume, dance a jig or a reel, make some green buns or cookies, whatever you like. Then post a picture or video  to Glinsk_NS on twitter. Don’t forget the hashtag #GlinskvirtualStPatricksParade. You don’t have to be a pupil in Glinsk NS to take part. If you can’t access twitter, send to There may be prizes!

[btn_arrow_red url=”” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Seomra Ranga Daily Quiz [/btn_arrow_red]

  • Seomra Ranga daily quiz.You could win a book token!


  • Oliver Jeffers reads one of his books each day at 6pm. What will it be today?

  • Branar Children’s Theatre will be live streaming one of their performances from 4pm today!

[btn_arrow_teal url=”” target=”_blank” position=”right”] News2day [/btn_arrow_teal]

  • Watch the news. Check out RTE news2day.


  • Sarah Webb, an awarding winning children’s author will have #CreativeBursts with daily writing games, story prompts and word fun each day at 1 p.m. on starting today Monday the 16th.

  • We Love Books! Kids’ writing competition on RTÉ Jr

 [btn_arrow_green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] We Love Books Competition [/btn_arrow_green]


  • Try these ideas from World Book Day! 
[btn_arrow_orange url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] World Book Day Website [/btn_arrow_orange] [/one_half_alpha] [one_half_omega]
  • Kaleidoscope festival Home club has some interesting resources.
[btn_arrow_orange url=”” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Home Club from Kaleidoscope Festival [/btn_arrow_orange] [/one_half_omega]