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Bad Rat and Silly Old Goat!

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Bad Rat and Silly Old Goat!

By March 3, 2017No Comments

The pupils in Junior and Senior Infants worked together with their classmates to compose a class poem.
First we thought of an animal we’d like to write about, Cían’s books from home gave Junior Infants the inspiration for writing about a Bad Rat.  Senior Infants decided to write about a goat.  Together we suggested rhyming words for rat and goat and made a long list on the interactive white board.  Next we composed the poems line by line and Mrs Brennan wrote the verses on the interactive white board.  Finally we drew pictures to tell the story of our poems. We are very pleased with our finished poems and Mrs Brennan was happy with the way we worked together to write them.  Have a read of our poems below and please take a look at our lovely drawings.

Bad Rat
I see a bad rat
Chasing after my pet bat
I wish he would stop that
Silly old rat!

I see a bad rat
Eating cheese in my hat
That rat has to go
He is too slow

That rat is getting fat
He is tired and slow
He sits on the mat
To help him go

By Junior Infants


My Bad Goat
My bad goat jumped on a boat
He ate the bag full of oats
Then chewed on my coat
That silly old goat!

My bad goat wrote a note
“Ha Ha – I chewed on your coat!”
Then he went on a float
Down on the moat

My bad goat, he spilled the bag of oats
And jumped out of the boat
Splash! Crash! Dash!
He ate the note!

By Senior Infants