Work Schedule for 2nd & 3rd classes – 27th April – 1st May

Please find below a suggested work plan for the week and all the resources below. Some tasks can be uploaded to your child’s Seesaw portfolio. If you don’t have printing facilities, I have uploaded some of the tasks to Seesaw and you can try using the drawing tools to complete the task

If your child finds any activity difficult, leave it and move onto another activity/ subject.


Suggested work schedule – 2nd class – 27th April – 1st May


Suggested work schedule – 3rd class – 27th April – 1st May







Bun go Barr – 2nd class – 27th April – 1st May


Bris an Cód – 2nd class



Ceangail agus Scríobh






2nd Class NZ Maths Problems

Visiting Grandma Well, Well Who Plays What? You be Teacher Grandpa’s Pockets




3rd Class NZ Maths Problems

Pirate Swords Rabbits Reversing Numbers Sharing Lollies Sharing more Lollies





SESE – Geography

Safari Animal Factfile



Africa – Label the Animals



White Lions of Timbavati in South Africa




African Patterns





Active Home Week

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