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Today a litter warden came to our school.

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Today a litter warden came to our school.

By December 4, 2015December 9th, 2015No Comments

Today a litter warden came to our school. Her name was Maria. She taught us about litter and how much money you can be fined. It was very interesting. She showed pictures where people had dumped rubbish. It is so wrong to dump rubbish and I hope that nobody who is reading this blog post has ever littered on anyone’s property. It was a disgrace to see the pictures with all the rubbish. She showed us a picture of oil dumped in a lake, it polluted the water.

And in another picture someone was burning their rubbish, which pollutes the air. People didn’t even bother to pay for bins, She said they all complained that they didn’t  have enough money to pay for the bins. If you litter you get fine 150 euro, the maximum fine you can get is 3,000 euro!!!  That’s a lot of money to pay for a rubbish fine. She told us that she put up lots of CCTV cameras all over Galway. Then she told us about where people had dumped their rubbish around Creggs.  She said that lots of people dumped around the bottle banks in Creggs. Then she gave us a pen  each and a leaflet about rubbish and told us not to dump anything because it can harm the  environment. If you throw oil into the water, it pollutes the water and it is very bad if we drink this water. After that she asked if we had any questions. Some of us put up our hands, others didn’t. There were some really good questions asked, like what if you couldn’t see the persons face,how would you know who  dumped it ? She then said that they have pretty good CCTV cameras and that  if she saw rubbish dumped on the side of the road or anywhere, she would look through it and see if there was any bills or letters that had their name on it and if she didn’t find any she would just have wait and see if they were to do it again and see if she could see their face. She also told us about a builder that always dumped his rubbish on the bogs so they put a camera in a bush and they caught him and he was going to court in a few weeks. Then she went and that is the end of our blog post.


by: Taylor and Marissa