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Seachtain na Gaeilge

We had a Lá Mór Glas to celebrate our Irish culture & heritage which was a great day of fun! Pupils made such great effort dressing in forty shades of green and the hairstyles (wigs!) were a great addition with a few leprechauns on the loose in search of a pot of gold!


Pupils learned Ballaí Luimnigh (Walls of Limerick) with all pupils giving their best effort including the infants. This was then followed by a River Dance display and general free – style dance! It was great to see all pupils getting into the spirit of it. Next we had a big music session and the talent among pupils is amazing. Pupils recited poetry, played tin whistles, accordions, pianos, fiddles, mandolins & banjos.


The pupils put so much effort and planning into each song or piece and seemed to really enjoy it. The girls did the Cup Song with some playing, others singing and more showed great rhythm with the their cups. The boy band at the opposite end of the hall made sure they were going to give an equally strong performance with their rendition of Amhrán na bhFiann, sung and played on the tin whistles and banjo!


In the afternoon we had a fun Kahoot Irish quiz as Gaeilge with all pupils taking part in mixed class teams. Take a look at some photos from the day below.

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