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Science Week 2022

All classes took part in different science week activities during science week with great enthusiasm and curiosity. The school received a DNA science kit from the Cell Explorers Team at N.U.I.G for senior classes and a Rainbow Lab kit from A.T.U. Galway for the junior classes. Both resources provided pupils with great hands-on activities during the week. Junior classes experimented with the 3 primary colours, discovered the sedondary colours and created rainbow circles, 1st & 2nd class made cloud putty, 3rd & 4th class investigated what happens to an egg when placed in vinegar for 2- 3 days and 5th & 6th class made lava lamps.

Pupils from 3rd to 6th class joined Kate and Janic from the Cell Explorers team via Zoom to extract DNA from a banana. Each pupil had their own equipment needed to complete the experiment and were fascinated with the results! Take a look at some photos from the week below.


Have you ever tried to catch soap bubbles with dry hands? What happens? Try catching bubbles with wet soapy hands and see what happens!

What does a scientist look like? Take a look at some drawings in the senior classes below.

We also investigated what happens to a fire when it no longer gets oxygen.