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Poles Apart

The pupils in Junior & Senior Infants have been learning all about the North and South Pole. Ms Brennan was amazed at how much knowledge they children already had on the different types of animals and sea creatures that live in the Arctic and Antarctica and how much they knew about the living conditions there. Santa Claus was of course one of first inhabitants of the South Pole to be mentioned! We remembered from our visit to the Arts Centre to the Play Polar Bear & Penguin that polar bears and penguins can’t be friends because they live on opposite sides of the earth! We enjoyed reading the books, Geronimo by David Walliams and Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis. In these books we spotted the different animals we had been learning all about – the albatross, arctic fox and elephant seals. Cillian brought in a book from home all about wildlife in Ireland and we learned about the grey seals that live in Ireland. Take a look below at some of our wonderful art work and activities we have been enjoying in exploring the theme of Winter and The Poles.