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Our Christmas Concert

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Our Christmas Concert

By December 14, 2015No Comments

On Friday, the 11th of December, we had our Christmas concert. Lots of parents came. Some Grandparents came too. The senior and junior  infants play was called The Sleepy Shepherd. The 1st and 2nd  was called The Landlord’s cat. And our play was called Santa’s on Strike. But before all the plays we played three tinwhistle tunes, and we sang a song. The tinwhistle tunes we played were Silent Night, Little Donkey and Jingle Bells. And we sang Somewhere Only We Know.

Then it was time for The Sleepy Shepherd. Kyle was the Sleepy Shepherd. Paul and Daniel were the Narrators The lights got turned off, then they got started. The shepherds were Brían, Gary, Lee, Marcus and Donnacha. The kings were Craig, Ethan and Patrick. And the angels were Liadan, Emma, Elena, Nicole and Róisín. And Mary and Joseph were Seán and Nicole. The play ended at 7:30.

Then we had a break. Then it was time for the Landlord’s Cat. Seán was the landlord. Emily was the landlords cat. Ali, Kayleigh and Caoimhe N. were all cats. Colin, Liam and Ross were all kings. Conor was a sheep. And Gary M. was a shepherd. Erin was a star and Caoimhe K.  was a angel. There play ended at 8:05.

Then it was time for our play. It took us a while to get everything ready. But in the end, we did it. Paul was Ssanta. Sarah-Jane was Mrs Claus. Tegan ,Gabrielle, Marissa, Éimear,Nichola, Aoibhe and Emma were all elves.  And Alanna was Rudolph. Daniel was Grandpa King, Taylor was Grandma King. Eoin was Dan King,  Sarah was Sally King and Michael was Daddy King and Ava Joyce was MammyKing. Gavin was Dad Shepherd, Nadine was Mum Shepherd,  Iarlaith was Jack shepherd and Ciara was Hannah Shepherd. Shayne was Sam, Eimear was Miss Evans and Éanna was Mr Lewis. After all the plays there was a raffle and  a few people won.