Math’s Week puzzle for Wednesday


Today’s Maths puzzler.

Mary has three children. The sum of their ages is 21 ย and the product of their ages is 75.
How old are Mary’s three children?

Write your answers, together with your name in the comment box below.


31 Responses to “Math’s Week puzzle for Wednesday”

  1. ร‰anna

    They are 5,15,and1


  2. ร‰anna

    They are 1 , 5 and 15


  3. One child is 15 another is
    5 and the other is 1. (I think)?

    • Ciara Roughneen

      Yes, they add up to 21 but you don’t get 75 when you multiply them together.So incorrect, I’m afraid!

    • Ciara Roughneen

      They add up to 21 but they also must multiply to 75.