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Engineering in Glinsk NS

Engineers Week
On the 5th of March we were doing stuff for Engineers week. First we tried to make the best bridge that we could out of a piece of paper and four wooden bricks. We were not allowed to fold the paper and the bricks had to be at the corners. So we made the best bridge and then we put all kinds of stuff on it. First we put beads on, we tried to put as many beads on it as we could. And then we put cubes on the bridge. Daniel got the most cubes on his bridge.
In the junior room they made paper airplanes and they took turns flying their planes. The plane that flew the farthest won the game. They also built towers and made bridges from blocks.
On Thursday we explored and discussed the different types of engineers that there are including structural, mechanical, civil, electronic, electrical, biomedical, aeronautical, marine, omputer, agricultural and environmental engineers.
On Friday, we became engineers. We build structures using Lego, Geomags and blocks. We use Hot Wires an Brainbox to bulk electrical circuits and simple electronics. We used Lego to make mechanical contraptions and we even built a marble roller-coaster. You can see some videos of us at work on twitter!
By Gavin