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Dr. How’s Science Wows!

Pupils enjoyed Dr. How’s Science Wows as part of the Galway Science & Technology Festival 2017 in the school hall on Wednesday 22nd November as part of Science week activities. Each classroom experiment and earned about different types of energy and how energy can be transferred.


Pupils were delighted to put on their science goggles and assist Dr. How! Infants investigated how energy can be transferred from a basketball ball to a tennis ball. The energy sticks were very popular as pupils also learned how to create simple circuits using the human body as a conductor. Pupils made a big circle and once all hands were joined and a complete closed circuit form, the energy sticks lit up and when the circuit was broken, the lights went out!


Pupils in the senior room looked at the Rube Goldberg machine where different types of energy combined to cause the balloon to pop!

Dr How said “the Rube Goldberg machine is a really complicated machine which does a simple thing!”Take a look here how the Rube Goldberg machine works!

The lollipop experiment was so simple yet amazing! Take a look at some more photos below.

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