School Improvement Plan-Literacy

sse process

The Department of Education and Skills requires each school to engage in the School Self Evaluation (SSE) process.

Schools are also required to devise a school improvement plan (SIP) that contains a summary of the areas for improvement identified as part of the self evaluation process.

The SIP should identify

  • targets for improvement (with a focus on learner outcomes),
  • actions required to achieve the targets (with reference to those who are responsible for taking actions),
  • a statement of how the school will check if the targets have been achieved and
  • a timeframe for achievement of the targets.

The Board of Management is responsible for ensuring that a brief  summary of the SSE and SIP are provided to the whole school community.

Here is Glinsk NS SIP for Literacy as devised in 2013-4

Glinsk NS: SIP-Literacy

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