The Match Report
On Monday the 18th of May, we went to a soccer tournament in D0namon. Girls and boys were both going to play soccer but girls had their own team and the boys had their own too.
We left at 10:15 in the morning on the bus so we would be there on time for the tournament which was on at 11:00. The boys played their tournament first and then we would play ours. They played Athleague first and they hammered them by 11-0. Next they played Ballagh and they bet them too by 7-0. If they won their final match, they would be through to the next stage of the tournament!
They were playing Kilteevan next and when the match was over, the score was even so they had to have extra time. But the score was still even so it came to penalty shoot outs. The lads didn’t win the penalty shoot out so they didn’t get on to the next stage.
We started playing next and first of all we were playing Athleague and we bet them 4-0. Next we were playing Kilteevan and we bet them too! So if we won our final match of the tournament, we would be through to the
next round! Our next match was against Ballagh and guess what…….we bet them!! We are through to the next
round!!! But there’s more great news……the lads are through to the next round too!! So hopefully we will beat all
of the other teams. Wish us luck!!! H’on Glinsk!!!!


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