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Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. June 2nd-5th June

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Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. June 2nd-5th June

Only a few weeks left before the school holidays begin. I hope everybody is enjoying the sun and beautiful weather we are having. Don’t forget to get plenty of fresh air, help outside in the garden, bog or on the farm this week.

I will also be continuing with video conferencing with pupils again this week.Your child must log in to his or her school email, and access Google Classroom, where you  will find the link for the Meet. Please ensure the email and app are working correctly beforehand. If your child has lost his/ her password, please, email me and I can reset it for them.

If you are having any difficulty with this, let me know and we can try to work it out.

Meeting link will be posted in GC 10 minutes prior to Meet Time. Click on this link to join.

  • Tuesday 1pm: 4th Class
  • Wednesday: 1pm 5th Class
  • Thursday: 1pm 6th Class

These video conferencing calls are not mandatory, please use your discretion if your child will be participating.


Schedules for Class Work 

4th Class

4th class suggested schedule of work. June 2nd- 5th

5th Class

5th class suggested schedule of work. June 2nd-5th

6th Class

6th class suggested schedule of work. June 2nd-5th


It’s great see all the busy posts on Class Dojo and Google Classroom. Well done to everybody who submitted projects, pictures, photos and more. Just a reminder, that I do monitor these accounts and have to approve all posts! Anything inappropriate, will be deleted and not posted. Remember the “Granny Rule”- if you wouldn’t say to your granny- don’t post it online.

Please try to set up Google Classroom and Class Dojo for your child, if you have not done so,  as this will allow them to send work to me and to share with their class.If you are having difficulty accessing the online material or apps, please let me know. Most resources will be posted in GC and not on the school website.

Please ensure that your child is logged in with their email (e.g. when they access Google Classroom and you don’t inadvertently join the class yourself or set up duplicate accounts. Your child needs to be logged into their account in order to post under their name.