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Heritage In Schools Competition

The Heritage Council, in association with Specialists from the Heritage in Schools Scheme Panel, is developing a suite of online tutorials for primary school children, their parents and teachers. These tutorials will complement the existing library of resources currently available on the Heritage in Schools website. The resources are both fun and educational and are designed to inspire and develop an appreciation and curiosity about Ireland’s wonderful natural and cultural heritage whilst supporting the aims and objectives of the SESE curriculum.

View competition details here can be accessed at

To mark the release of the latest tutorials in the series they running a competition with a prize in each of the following categories. Winners will receive a €50 One4All voucher and a free visit from a Heritage in Schools Expert for their school (to be redeemed September-December 2020).

See online Tutorials here


1 .Online time machine

Task: Using the maps John D. Ruddy refers to including Geohive and Google Maps, find out what building used to be where the Letterkenny Public Library stands today in County Donegal. Write a paragraph about the building. What did it look like? Are there any photographs of it? (300 words max).

2. Backyard BioBlitz

Task: Watch Fionn’s tutorial on Backyard BioBlitz and Albert’s Wildlife Safari and have a BioBlitz at home. Submit your records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre and send us your species list.

3. Draw a violet or a beech leaf

Task: Follow Marina Levitina’s guidance on drawing a violet flower or a beech leaf and email a copy to us.

4. Weave a fish

Task: Using materials you find at home weave a fish following Beth’s step-by-step instruction. Email a photo of your finished work to us.

Email entries to Please include the child’s name, age and school. Please provide written consent for images, voice or text to be shared on social media and Heritage Council websites.

Closing date for entries: Tuesday 2nd June 2020