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The Chicks🐤🐣🐥

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The Chicks🐤🐣🐥

By October 15, 2016November 4th, 2016No Comments

The Chicks🐤🐣🐥
By Eoin
The chicks came on the 10/10/16 on a Monday. At that time the chicks were just eggs. A girl called Deirdre came with the eggs and the stuff you need to keep a chick nice and happy. The thing you feed him with is called a trough. The thing you give the chick water with is called a water trough.
The breed of chick that we have is called a Light Sussex. Deirdre also gave us a heat plate to dry the chicks. The chicks go under the heat plate so the heat blasts onto them. To hatch, the chicks have to be in the incubator. The chicks go in a cage with sawdust on the bottom of it.

The Next Day
2 eggs pipped and 2nd to 6th were gone to Galway. But it happened later in the night so no one saw it happening😭.

The Next Day
On Wednesday 2 eggs hatched. One of the chicks was very fat and strong and fluffy and very very VERY jumpy. The other one was not as strong but just as jumpy. He was also a lot smaller.

The Next Day
Another egg hatched today and another two pipped. The one that hatched is weak and needs to get stronger. At quarter to 11 another one hatched. We set up the cage, trough, water trough and heat plate.

The Next Day
Last night two more eggs hatched. We now have six chicks and one poor weak egg that I don’t think is going to hatch.
Their names are …………………………..

Peggy 🐤

Gavin and Gary are taking the chicks home for the weekend.
Next week the chicks are
going home.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭