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The chicks🐣

The chicks🐣
The chicks came on the 10/10/16 on a Monday. We got seven eggs. A girl called Deirdre came with the eggs and the stuff they need.
They thing you need to feed them with called a trough. The thing that you need to give them water with is called a water dish.
When the eggs came they were in a incubator. A heat plate came with the eggs.
Deirdre brought food for the chickens. She brought sawdust for the bottom of the cage that chickens go into when they come out of the incubator.
On Wednesday 3 eggs had pipped.
We didn’t see them pip because we were gone to Galway for the girls final.
On Wednesday night 2 eggs had hatched.
When we came in on Thursday morning we saw a egg hatch. The first two chickens that hatched weren’t fluffy enough yet that’s why left them in the incubator.
Before we put them into the cage we put 1/3 of sawdust on the bottom of the cage. Then we filled the trough with chicken food. Next we put the heat plate in the cage and let it warm for 15-20 minutes.
When we put them into the cage they went straight under the heat plate.
The type of breed we have is Light Sussex. Two more eggs hatched on Friday the 14/10/16. There was a brown chicken and the rest were yellow.
There names are…………..
and Zip.
Gavin and Gary get to bring home the chickens for the weekend. The chickens are going home next Friday. I didn’t get to bring home the chickens but it is alright.