Grandparents’ Day😀

Grandparents’ Day.
On the 5th of February it was Grandparents’ Day. We made
St. Brigid’s crosses for the Grandparents. We went down to
the hall. Then we sat down on the chairs. I sat beside my
friend Éimear. Éimear and I read the readings. We were
very good readers. Father Larry wasn’t at the prayer service
because he was doing a mass for the sick. We sang two
songs, one at the start of the service and one at the end. It
was lovely. Afterwards, 5th and 6th class had to serve food
to the grandparents and the parents. I gave a mug of coffee
to my godmother. My cousin, Éimear gave her granny a cup
of tea. We got a brownie as a reward. We had a fun time.
By Ciara 😀


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