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Super Scientists

November Newsletter 2016


Hallowe’en Fun

Hatch 4 Schools Programme

A Space Adventure

Once upon a time I was a sleep.I was dreaming.I was dreaming about space.I was on the rocket ship 109876543210 blast off. Oh no! the ship was out of control.”I want to go home,” I said. “I’m scared some one help.Phew I can see Earth.That’s a relief.Home sweat home.” By Nicole

A Trick or Treating Adventure!

Once upon a time I was dressing up getting ready to go trick or treating. Suddenly I saw a jewel in my costume. When I went trick or treating I saw that I was in a new world. The jewel was glowing. I think that it sent me there. I think it was the land of Do what you Want! “I want to go back,”



Space Week

We learned lots during Space Week. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. He went with Buzz Aldrin. This is how the planets go in order from the sun… Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus & Pluto. A pea is the size of Earth and a football would be the size of the sun! The sun is 39 million miles from


The chicks🐣

The chicks🐣 The chicks came on the 10/10/16 on a Monday. We got seven eggs. A girl called Deirdre came with the eggs and the stuff they need. They thing you need to feed them with called a trough. The thing that you need to give them water with is called a water dish. When the eggs came they were in a incubator. A