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FAI Football Training⚽

FAI Football Training⚽ Every Tuesday a person from the FAI comes in to our school and does soccer training with the whole school. It goes in weeks so we get them the first week then the junior room gets them the next week. The soccer trainers name are Gareth, Mary and James. We don’t have to pay them like we do for the gymnastics


Our Trip to Dublin and the Dáil

Our trip to Dublin! Yesterday we went to Dublin. We left the school at 8:30 am. We arrived at Dublin at 11:30 am. First we went to the National History Museum. We saw lots of exciting animals, like the Musk Ox,the Cheetah, the Tapir,the Reindeer, the Moose and the Zebra and lots more! After the Dead Zoo we went to the National Art Gallery


Christmas Concert 2015

Our Christmas Concert

On Friday, the 11th of December, we had our Christmas concert. Lots of parents came. Some Grandparents came too. The senior and junior  infants play was called The Sleepy Shepherd. The 1st and 2nd  was called The Landlord’s cat. And our play was called Santa’s on Strike. But before all the plays we played three tinwhistle tunes, and we sang a song. The tinwhistle tunes


Hour Of Code

The Toy Swap!!!!

On Friday the 4th of December, our school  had a toy swap! Everyone brought in as much toys or books as they wanted. Then we set them up in the old classroom. We sorted everything out first, then we put them on separated tables. Books went on one table, arts sets went on another table, boys toys went on another and girls toys on


Community and Litter Warden, Marie pays a visit to our school.

December Newsletter

Today a litter warden came to our school.

Today a litter warden came to our school. Her name was Maria. She taught us about litter and how much money you can be fined. It was very interesting. She showed pictures where people had dumped rubbish. It is so wrong to dump rubbish and I hope that nobody who is reading this blog post has ever littered on anyone’s property. It was a disgrace


Bring a Toy, Choose a Toy …