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My Confirmation Day

To prepare for my confirmation, we filled in a confirmation book which helped us to understand what being confirmed means. I also had to think carefully about who I would choose to be my sponsor and carefully about my name I was going to take.We also booked a hotel for the meal with my family afterwards. I also got a new outfit for after the mass service as we


Marky Fitzmaurice Tournament

On Friday, the first of May we went to the Mark Fitzmaurice tournament in Donamon. The boys were playing Gaelic and the girls were playing soccer.We left at 10.00 in the morning on the bus.we were given  our jerseys and we put them on and started doing some stretches. then we started doing laps and then we waited until we had to play. we were



The Match Report On Monday the 18th of May, we went to a soccer tournament in D0namon. Girls and boys were both going to play soccer but girls had their own team and the boys had their own too. We left at 10:15 in the morning on the bus so we would be there on time for the tournament which was on at 11:00. The boys played their tournament


Roscommon and districts FAI Soccer League

Match report On Monday the 18th of May, Glinsk entered two teams into the soccer tournament. It was on in Donamon and there was a boy’s league and a girl’s league. All the pupils in Ms Roughneen’s class went on the bus. The boys tournament was on first, they were playing Athleague who they bet, the score was 11-0 to Glinsk. Then they played Ballagh and they bet them too, the


Should we learn Irish in school?

Irish is a waste of time because…. You don’t speak it every day. The only place I can think of that speak Irish is Connemara. The only course you need it for is the Gardaí and teaching that’s all and if Irish was abolished the teachers wouldn’t need it for teaching because the children wouldn’t have to learn it. Another reason we don’t need


Write a Book Awards Ceremony

Playing for Galway!

On Sunday the 17th of May, I was on my way up to Leitrim to play for Galway. I had been picked for out of the mini sevens tournament in Lough George.I was very excited. We finally pulled in at Saint Mary’s GAA grounds. I took my gear bag out of the boot and headed oft the dressing rooms. When I walked in I saw nine other lads. They would be


Fifth and Sixth classes are debating

Future Football Star