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Emma Plays in Croke Park

The Bubble Fairy

Our Visit from the RSA.

On the 20th of February 2018 we had a visitor in from the RSA; there was a woman in to teach us about road safety. The woman’s name was Caroline Jordan. The first thing we learnt was how to be safe on the roads as a pedestrian, pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the roads because they have nothing to protect them, the rules



Hurling Coaching

For the past last few Thursdays every student in Glinsk N.S. has gone out for hurling coaching.It has been very fun to have hurling at our school. We’ve learned loads from Frank and Seán. They bring all the equipment we need to play hurling. They bring hurls, sliotars and helmets. We are having greaaaaaaat fun! “Thank you Sean and Frank.” I hope you can


F.A.I. soccer competitions

On the 16th Tuesday there was a F.A.I competition for boys and girls. There was 3 other schools there. The girls split up into two teams and the boys entered one team. Everyone was excited. The time came to go to the pitch. The boys first match was against Athleague N.S. and the score was 3-0 to us. While we were playing the girls were


Bord Gáis Student Theatre Awards

On May 17th, 1st to 5th classes class went to Dublin to the Bord Gáis Theatre for the Student Theatre Awards. We were shortlisted in the Best Supporting Female category for Gabrielle’s performance as Judge Grumps in Straw & Order. We got a bus up to Dublin and we watched The Nut Job, Harry Potter and Open Season 3 on the way. It was


Harry Potter

Many of the kids in our school love the Harry Potter book series. They are very interesting and exciting. In the first Harry Potter book, Harry meets the person who gave him his famous lightning scar on his forehead. Lord VOLDEMORT! In the second book Harry saves Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley’s little sister from the Basilisk. All of the books are unique. There are



For the past two Thursdays, all of the pupils in Glinsk N.S. went out at different times to play hurling. The coaches are from Ballygar. They brought their own hurls, soft sliotars and helmets. So far we have learned how to hold the hurl, how to pick up the sliotar, how to solo, all the various ways to hold the hurl and the different


Eir Junior Spiders

Rang III got shortlisted for the Eir Junior Spiders Awards. Third class and the senior room got tickets to go to Croke park. Rang II were very disappointed, but the very next day second class got tickets!!! We were very excited.  A bus brought us to Croke park. It was a very long ride, but eventually we got there. We went to the reception.